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Animal Waste Cleanup - Steri-Clean® Rhode Island 

While pets play a special role in our families, our beloved animals might cause damage to our homes. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and other animals can leave behind hard-to-clean stains, bad odors, and waste. If left uncleaned and unsanitized, animal waste can cause further damage to your property and even impact the health of your family. 


Toxic Pet Waste at Your Home or Business

When pet waste is left, bugs and bacteria breed and reside in the feces for some time, which can then infect both animals and humans. Substantial accumulations of animal feces and urine can also release potentially toxic bioaerosols and gases into the air. People can then be exposed through inhalation, contact, or via insects. While unattended feces can cause extreme odor problems on your property and for surrounding neighbors, it can also create an unsafe environment for you and your loved ones.


Cleaning Up Pet Waste

If cleaned up properly and disinfected, limited amounts of animal waste will not lead to any major problems. However, when a pet owner, for whatever reason, is unable to clean and disinfect the area where urine and or feces collect, it becomes a health hazard and should therefore be remediated by a professional biohazard company such as Steri-Clean®.


Steri-Clean® Rhode Island’s certified technicians know how to properly clean using methods that deeply penetrate the home’s affected areas, therefore eliminating the dangers and odors that come from animal waste. After a thorough inspection, we then determine the extent of the damage and the cleaning required to resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as we can. 

Tips To Rid Your Home of Pet Odors
To start, always remove the source of the smell first. Following this, any materials saturated with waste should also be removed, cleaned, or properly disposed of.

• Do not use bleach to clean animal waste. Bleach deactivates when it comes into contact with soiled surfaces, plus it is corrosive to metals and a known lung irritant. 

• Neutralize any remaining urine salts with a specialized cleaner designed to counteract PH levels of urine, extract and digest waste components.

• Apply EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant to all surfaces. 

• Allow affected areas to dry completely.

• Re-evaluate any lingering odor and repeat steps as necessary

Removing Animal Waste from Rental Properties

Looking to sell your rental property? In Rhode Island, we often see how former tenants with pets have neglected a property. This requires an urgent animal waste clean-up by a professional company such as Steri-Clean®. We will handle all the cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting so that your property can be listed as soon as possible.


If you need your home or rental property disinfected and cleaned of animal waste, call today at 888-577-7206

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