Teargas Cleanup - Steri-Clean® Rhode Island

Teargas cleanup is an extremely difficult job that requires specialized equipment and highly trained technicians. Without a proper cleanup, the troublesome effects of teargas can linger for weeks, making the affected property unbearable to be in. Steri-Clean®  Rhode Island  has all the necessary tools and training to restore an affected environment as quickly as possible.


Teargas Cleanup

Teargas can either be directly sprayed or teargas grenades that can be dispersed into a crowd. Once it’s breathed in, it causes severe eye and respiratory pain, skin irritation, and even temporary blindness. In the eyes, it stimulates the lacrimal gland’s nerves to produce tears, hence where teargas gets its name from.


Although referred to as gas, teargas is more like a powder and acts as a fine mist. Generally, law enforcement uses teargas that contains 2-chlorobenzalmalonitrile (CS) gas. Even though the gas itself eventually dissipates, it can leave behind residue on walls, chairs, floors, ceilings, and any other item it comes into contact with, causing people respiratory irritation for months. To make sure the exposed area is safe for humans, teargas residue must be cleaned from every surface it has come into contact with. In some severe instances, drywall might need to be replaced to get rid of the contaminants.


What To Do If You’ve Been Exposed To Teargas

If you are exposed to teargas, there are several precautionary steps that you can take to reduce the side effects of this potent gas. Some of these measures include:


  • Wash your face immediately: This will help to eliminate the gas that is stuck in your eyes, which irritates the eyes

  • Washing your hands: Contaminated hands may affect other areas of your body, and that’s why you must wash them as soon as possible

  • Use a wet towel or piece of cloth as a mask: This will make breathing a little easier, and help reduce choking  

  • Open your windows and doors: This is the easiest way to get rid of the gas from your home or a building


At Steri-Clean®  Rhode Island , our specialists are trained to clean locations that have had teargas dispersed throughout them. We understand that getting rid of the irritant is completely necessary to protect anyone coming into the affected area. In these situations, teargas cleanup is critical and time-sensitive. We used advanced cleaning methods and tools to reach every conceivable spot to ensure removal, leaving the air clean and safe to breathe in.


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