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Homeless Encampment Cleanup - Steri-Clean® Rhode Island

Sadly, homeless people can be found in all kinds of areas in and around cities and towns, in parks, in forests, and at abandoned properties. As these shelters are essentially makeshift homes that don't have proper facilities, this means there is a whole lot more to clean up than just trash and garbage. 


Homeless camps are an accumulation of waste materials that can include anything from human and animal waste, trash, used needles, drug paraphernalia, as well as electronic waste–– all of which can cause a biohazard. Many of these toxic pollutants are dangerous to humans and animals that come into contact with them. On top of this, many diseases are prevalent in these camps, ranging from Hepatitis to AIDS and need to be properly cleaned and eradicated. The diseases can also live in used syringes for long periods of time, which is why it’s crucial to clean these areas of waste properly and as soon as possible. 


Steri-Clean®’s biohazard cleaning services at homeless camps include the following services:

• Human Waste/Blood Cleanup

• Drug Paraphernalia Recovery

• Needle & Syringe Disposal

• Biohazard Disposal

• Disinfection

• Rodent/Pet Waste Cleanup


Effective and Quick Homeless Camp Cleanup
At Steri-Clean® Rhode Island , we understand the need to clean up a homeless camp as soon as possible. Not only will we restore the area so that it is safe, but we will also work tirelessly to have it look clean and tidy, ridding it from any pollution, waste, and rubbish or any evidence of squatters left behind. Our teams will search every inch of the area to make sure it has been thoroughly cleaned and that absolutely nothing is left behind.


Our professionals have been trained to clean the area safely and effectively by using the proper cleaning solutions to get rid of any transmittable diseases. We are also able to properly sort through the trash and recycle what can be recycled. 


The Human Element

While performing a Homeless Camp Cleanup, Steri-Clean is always cognizant of the fact that we are dealing with human beings and their personal belongings. In light of this we do our best to communicate with all parties throughout the entire clean-up process. We post signs stating when the clean up will take place and while cleaning take special care to look for any valuables that we can turn over to authorities to be claimed. We do our utmost to prevent further trauma by cleaning up a homeless encampment in any way that we can.

If your city or business is faced with the daunting task of a Homeless Camp Cleanup, let our team at Steri-Clean® Rhode Island  do a professional job to leave the area properly cleaned and disinfected. Just a phone call away, our professional and caring team is always here to help.

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