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Pest Cleanup - Steri-Clean® Rhode Island

A pest or insect infestation can result in substantial damage to your property. Not only can they cause structural damage, but they can affect human health too. Sometimes it’s not even the pest itself, but the animal’s waste or the diseases they carry that can cause harm or damage to your health or property.


Rodents and Other Pests

There are numerous rodents and pests that carry infectious diseases that are dangerous to humans. Types of pests include mice, rats, pigeons, bats, and different types of insects. In many cases, you don’t even need to come into direct contact with the pest itself to fall ill. You may just have to be exposed to the toxins and germs that these pets or insects leave behind. Two such common diseases are Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) and histoplasmosis. Both are known to cause flu-like symptoms and a host of other health problems too.


Hantavirus is found in saliva, urine, and waste from certain rodents. Once the flu-like symptoms have set in, people infected with this virus develop a rash. Another common symptom is a dry cough which can, in severe cases, turn into difficulty breathing. The Hantavirus can also cause damage to the kidneys and lead to lung disease. Both of these diseases can be life-threatening to humans.More common in older buildings, Histoplasmosis is an airborne infection that comes from breathing in spores that have been left from bat or bird droppings.


The Pest Cleanup Process:

Hiring a professional company that has all the right tools, knowledge, and experience is a sure way to guarantee your safety. However, if you do decide to tackle this difficult task yourself, remember to take every precaution before and during any cleanup. And, every effort should be made to prevent the fecal material from becoming airborne.


Before Cleaning: 

  • Trap the rodents and seal all entryways, then wait a week to ensure there is no more activity

  • Use cross-ventilation by opening doors and windows to allow fresh air to enter the area for at least 30 minutes

During Cleaning:

  • Always wear protective safety equipment, gloves and face respirators with P100 filters are recommended

  • Spray the affected area with a commercial grade disinfectant or a 10% bleach solution. (Be mindful of the hazards and health concerns regarding the use of bleach)

  • Wipe up all the feces and urine with paper towels and dispose of in sealed plastic bags. 

  • Disinfect all areas and allow them to stay wet for the recommended amount of time.

Pest Cleanup Experts: Call Today For a Free Over-The-Phone Quote 1-888-577-7206


Steri-Clean® Rhode Island  has trained professionals who know how to deal with common pests in the Rhode Island  area. Our team first gets rid of the problem, which is then followed by the thorough clean up and disinfection of the building. Whether your home or workplace is at risk, Steri-Clean® creates a safe, clean environment that has no trace of prior animal damage or infestations.


Wildlife, rodents, or any pests can leave unwanted, unsafe materials behind. Rhode Island ’s highly trained technicians at Steri-Clean® won’t stop until your home office, or other facility is free from pests, unsafe materials and unpleasant odors left behind. Call Steri-Clean® today for all your professional pest removal needs.

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